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A short, spiky top gives this closely cropped cut a cutting edge cadence. Bold. Positive. Wonderful.

Front: 3½”| Crown: 2½” | Sides: 1½”| Back: 1½” | Nape: 1½”

Memory Cap®
Vibralite® Synthetic Hair

COLOR SHOWN: R28S Glazed Fire

THIS WIG NOW $127.20 THRU AUGUST 31, 2017


  • Available Colors:

    R2 Ebony, R4 Midnight Brown, R6 Dark Chocolate, R6/30H Chocolate Copper, R8 Dark Cinnamon, R8/25 Golden Walnut, R829S/R829S+ Glazed Hazelnut, R830 Ginger Brown, R9S/R9S+ Glazed Mahogany, R10 Chestnut, R1020 Buttered Walnut, R11S/R11S+ Glazed Mocha, R12T Pecan Brown, R12/26H Honey Pecan, R14/25 Honey Ginger, R25 Ginger Blonde, R14/99H Golden Wheat, R21T Sandy Blonde, R1621S/R16121S+ Glazed Sand, R23S/R23S+ Glazed Vanilla, R28S/R28S+ Glazed Fire, R29S/R29S+ Glazed Strawberry, R33 Dark Auburn, R3025S/R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon, R3329S/R3329S+ Glazed Auburn, R38 Smoked Walnut, R56 Smoke, R56/60 Silver Mist, R61 Palest Pearl, R119G Gradient Smoke,R8/25 Golden Walnut, SS8/29 Hazelnut, R10 Chestnut, SS11/29 Nutmeg, SS14/25 Honey Ginger, SS14/88 Golden Wheat, SS29/20 Strawberry Blonde, SS130 Dark Copper
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