Company History


Henry Margu is a family owned company that continues to succeed because it truly understands its customer’s needs and desires. Trend-setting styles, cutting-edge colorations, incomparable quality and relentless dedication to our customers are the reason Henry Margu is the oldest and most experienced wig manufacturer in the United States.


Since 1952, Henry Margu has worked diligently to maintain our position as a leader in the wig industry. With the belief that there is more to being an industry leader than simply designing unique products, the design staff at Henry Margu has focused on making a “better” wig. From specialized techniques creating more manageable and natural looking styles to developing lighter-weight, more comfortable wigs, Henry Margu continues to innovate. These developments have not only secured a position at the top for Henry Margu, but have also inspired others in modeling their creative styling concepts.


Henry Margu Wigs…The difference is beautiful!™

Dynamic styling, natural colorations, and incomparable quality create the ultimate in hair fashions. Henry Margu…The difference is beautiful!™